Creeper in Chief

I’ve seen many shares of that disturbing video of Trump sexually harassing Macron’s wife and aggressively shaking/holding her hand.
It makes my freaking skin crawl.
I’ve also seen far too many people defending him.
There’s no excuse for it.
I’ve been on the receiving end of creepy comments from older men who think they’re adorable, harmless, and charming.  It’s nauseating.
Before I left my former call, a member that had other issues with me as his pastor made it a point to say his “goodbye” to me by way of criticizing my preaching (because I still use a manuscript).  He went on, telling me that I was “too young” for this gig, but that I was “beautiful to look at from the neck up,” as if having a pretty face and NOTHING ELSE GOOD ABOUT ME was supposed to be a f&%$@#* compliment.
It was said in the SANCTUARY of the church, of all places.
I’ve mentioned this comment before, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will KEEP bringing it up because it is one of the most offensive things that has ever been said to me.  I speak about it to lessen its power.  To assert my own voice
I wish someone else had heard that comment.  I wish someone else had heard it, told him how awful and inappropriate it was.
I wish those words weren’t ingrained in my memory as a stain on my former parish, even though it was one of the parting shots from an abusive parishoner.
I wish the president of the United States wasn’t an absolute creeper with no respect for anybody but himself.
And no, he doesn’t deserve a “fair chance.” He’s used up any chances he had to begin with. He’s a bully, he’s abusive, he’s a liar, and he’s dangerous.  He bragged about assaulting women in the past, and still, people ignored his comments and MADE HIM PRESIDENT. 
He is the worst kind of predator- the kind who is powerful and privileged enough to GET AWAY WITH IT because people defend him and refuse to believe he’s as bad as everyone says he is.
Please stop defending this creeper in chief.  He is NOT presidential in the least.
The longer he is in office, the worse things will be for us in the long run.  Our reputation, our legitimacy, our honor is at stake.  
Wake up, USA. We’re better than this; or at least, I thought we were. 

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